Flash Catcher Review

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Submitted by hughboy757 on Mon, 2008-06-30 05:55.
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The lowest price: 22.45$
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The ease and flexibility the program allows in allowing someone "snatch" a flash animation.
Browser insatbility, does not work in Firefox or Opera, only in Internet Explorer. Needs an "interface makeover", the feel it prtrays feels extremely 80's to me.

At first I was extremely skeptical of a program which essentially "steals" other individuals genuine and original flash creations. I mean honestly, not only is that a potential copyright infringement, but let's face it, how many flash cartoons/animations that exist on the internet today are indeed worthy of saving onto your HD? I know I for one don't want to save those annoying flash banner ads that we all have to grown to accept with from myspace. You know, the "catch the frog with the net" or "give George Dubya a run on the treadmill". I just didn't see the point to a program.

However, after messing around with the application for a tad (which needs a new interface makeover badly by the way), I began to see the benefits of such an obscure program.

The website www.newgrounds.com, the worlds leading website in flash animation has literally thousands of cartoons that could be available for download with this program. Although potentially illegal, it would be nice to have some entertainment on a long train ride or overseas flight.

This program is extremely easy to use, even for barely computer-literate individuals. Although the interface is a bit tacky and retro, it gets the job done. I mean honestly, we are talking no OS here.

I found that it did not work in my firefox browser, and only in Internet Explorer, possibly just my machine or a glitch in the software.


A good solid program for someone that would genuinely need to save and download a good amount of flash animations. I honestly don't know who in their right mind would have a need for that many animations, but hey I'm no programmer or anime enthusiast. It gets the job done, and a relatively low price for what it offers.