MID Converter Review

MID Converter: Godly interface, Crappy english? Not a problem!

Submitted by The 6502 Man on Mon, 2008-06-30 16:29.
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A great, intuitive interface makes it easy for users to convert files rapidly.
The somewhat lacking English Language skills of the developer compromise the professionalism of this product.

So, let's begin the main review.

Q. Feature-Filled?


Elaboration: Not only does MID convert do what it says, perfectly, it has a wealth of extra features that allow the user to exert more than a little influence over the quality of their conversions. Some examples of nonstandard features include(but are not limited to): Bitrate Control, Sample Rate control, advanced ID3 tag support and, most impressive, variable bitrate support(Helps get smaller files.)

However, this is only the MP3 converter, sadly. The OggVorbis and WMA support are a little lacking, each only featuring a slider bar. Also, it has some rather useless features, such as the "Big Time View", which as stated, shows the time of the song being converted in big red letters. I don't think anyone will ever find this useful, unless they are very farsighted, in which case a "Big Everything View" may be a better solution.

Q. Does it Work?

A. Magnificently.

Elaboration: I have not had a single issue with this piece of software. It does exactly what it says it does. It's as simple as that. Of course, as I mentioned above, there are a wealth of customization features, all of which have worked on my test batch of MIDI files.

Over my period of use I have only experienced ONE odd glitch, and it wasn't even a major one(the "Big Time View" window dissapeared without me closing it).

Q. Whats the interface like? Can I navigate it?

A. Well designed, this interface can be navigated without reference.

Elaboration: The interface is extremely navigable, I converted some files and messed with settings before ever opening the help file.

Now, this is the one area I truly have a pet peeve with this program: the bad English of the programmer. An example: "If you playback the MIDI through your enternal sound card..." Now, the program itself works great, but the guys who made this kinda make it look like a 12 year-old handled the text. I just wish they had spellchecked it. I use it all the time! So can they!

Note: Since the program was so well-designed I did not have to contact their support. I am thus giving this program an automatic 5, because the best technical support is making it so that you users never need to contact you to begin with.


Overall a superb piece of software for any casual audiophile or just a normal person who wants to play MIDI's on their MP3 player/cellphone. It has my recommendation.