NETObserve Review

NETObserver Good and worth spending $46.71 on it

Submitted by shva126 on Mon, 2008-06-30 17:03.
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The lowest price: 46.71$
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Easy to install, use and provides great security especially for personal purposes
The price is a little bit high

I have been using this software for around quite some time now It has helped me a lot especially because their are many users using my computer so it's good to monitor all the the things done by a specific user at a time. So basically this software is good it runs smoothly on my PC no hesitation on installation and usage so I would say pretty good. However when it comes to the matter of cost NETObserver is a little bit of expensive than the other softwares available in the market it practically does almost every surveillance software does keeping a log on conversation, web pages visited and etc. What separates this software to rest is its security. This a good software it runs in almost all windows platform the only cons of this software like i said its the price which is a little bit high but at the end worth it.


I would give this product a 7.2 over ten and recommend this to all people who only use one computer at home which helps provide standard security for people who love to surf on the net.