Outpost Firewall Pro Review

You can’t get through this firewall “Outpost Firewall Pro”.

Submitted by jesse on Sun, 2008-07-06 18:01.
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Outpost firewall pro is a dream software for me. I always wanted a firewall that let me connect to another IP address. I use lots of peer-2-peer softwares for downloading data but the problem was that windows firewall never let me do that properly. Now with outpost firewall pro what I have to do is to change the settings and after that I can easily get connected to other IP addresses.
It’s a powerful tool. What it do? It do what a firewall has to do. Not to let anything nonsense trespass to your personal computer. These days there are lots of traffic in the internet. You turn one site on and few other sites and pop-ups get open too. But with this you can cut all that nonsense completely. It’s no good for rookies so you have to get used to it. There is a help and support option installed too but you ain’t gonna need it if you got little knowledge of traffic, spyware, IP addresses. And yeah knowledge about restricted sites you don’t want your children will open i.e. parental control.
1. It provides safety from hackers and viruses.
2. Cookies filled with viruses and torjans is a problem too but this firewall fixes it too.
3. It has content filtering. It can block images that you don’t want to display on your PC.
4. Block pop-ups completely.
5. Let you share things with others with reliability.
6. Less memory consuming.
7. And worth having at whatever price.


In the nutshell, a firewall one must have at any price ‘cause it provides you with ultimate security and satisfaction.