MP3 Doctor Pro Review

Atlast a solution for those music files which need a repairment

Submitted by kcr on Tue, 2008-07-08 13:43.
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The options of equalizing, trimming. Ease in use, very low file size, compatible with any operating system.
it couldn't remove some sounds when the track has vocals at the same time

I have never thought that we would get a software which helps in trimming, checking or to be more precise modifying a song. I love music and I download many tracks from the INTERNET which sometimes end being badly recorded tracks. I have many tracks which are not perfect in many ways. Some have frequently changing volume levels, some have not so clear vocals and worst of all many tracks have disturbances in the back ground. I used to listen to those tracks as they were when downloaded. But when I found MP3 Doctor, I thought I should give a try and tell you what, it is a very good software. Though it is not great, I could definitely say that we can not have a better software to repair music files.

Karaoke feature helps in removing certain sounds from the file. We can remove any disturbances which could have been recorded along with the track. We can even remove the vocals and can just listen to the back ground music. The normalizer feature helps in equalizing the volume and keeps the volume in the same mode throughout the track. Lastly, the pitch and tempo features are the perfectly working features in this software. We can change the pitch of the whole song keeping the tempo original and we can change tempo keeping pitch the same. It is a great feature as sometimes the song may be good but increasing the tempo makes it better.

Though it removes some sounds, it can not remove some sounds when these sounds and vocals are heard at the same time.


I have been having a great time with this software. Though not a great one, it is the best of it's kind.