Puzzle Express Review

Same melody with a variation in beats and guess what?!!IT WORKS!

Submitted by udaykrizna on Thu, 2008-07-10 06:54.
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refreshing game concept,simple game, almost to perfect graphics.
More options like the spped level,difficulty level, time out selections would have made the game more challenging and addictive.

At the first encounter with this game,one would come up with "Hey!I've played something like this before!!". Puzzle express seems to be one of the incarnations of tetris(yes, the same old brick game) only that, this one's truly different unlike few other games just saying to be so.Full credits to the creative team to come up with a refreshing(if not new) idea.It just shows how presentation can add the zing required.
So, all the dude and dudettes out there,you are in one of the cities of U.S.A (don't miss on the trivia box that pops up-to boost your general knowledge!), wherein a cargo train has arrived and your job lies to pick up the brick pieces from the conveyor belt and place it on the emptu places of the cargo train. On doing so, if you complete an entire horizontal line, the line vanishes off(ah! I've played this before, right?). You can opt the scenic mode, a slow untimed mode, ideal for beginners or else the express puzzle, which is a timed version of the game with 2 trains (so,a slight uplift of the difficulty level).
The graphics are user friendly,pleasant, excellent on performance,and mainly, not over the top. The game is simple to play and the available options including the help are easily accessible and fathomable.The music too is quite apt, however a bit more of it would have been lovelier.


The cons can easily be neglected(as that was just an add-on).Puzzle express is a delight and should make everyone in the family fight for the mouse!!