Pretty Good Solitaire Review

Is "Pretty Good" Good Enough for Gamers?

Submitted by KCMorgan on Mon, 2006-06-19 08:19.
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The lowest price: 20.4$
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Tons of solitaire games in one package provide hours of enjoyment.
Huge list of options and games make this software confusing and hard to play.

Pretty Good Solitaire offers a ton of solitaire-type games. No matter how big of a solitaire fanatic you may be, this game definitely features versions of solitaire that you’ve never seen before.

With this software, you can create your own solitaire games, challenges, and “quests” to maximize your solitaire enjoyment. Pretty Good Solitaire has pretty good card graphics (the royal families really come alive on these cards) and a menu so extensive you won’t know where to start.

In fact, that’s one of the biggest problems of this game. The menu is filled with so many options, choices, and strange-sounding games, gamers won’t know quite what to do. Some versions of solitaire offered by this package are so strange and complicated, gamers may be inspired to just give up. A helpful "rules" button eliminates some confusion – if you can even find that button in the toolbar that runs across the top of the gaming window.

Gamers can do any number of exciting, solitaire things – take a tour, play a quest, participate in challenges. There’s almost too much to do, and some of these "different" games seem very much the same. Pretty Good Solitaire could have cut the game list in half and there would still be plenty of novelty for players.

But if solitaire is your thing, or you just love card puzzle games, you may want to give Pretty Good Solitaire a try. It does live up to its name, and the free trial lasts a full thirty days. This gives gamers plenty of time to decide if they should purchase the full version of this software, which is no less confusing than the trial.


Pretty Good Solitaire is just that – pretty good…and that’s about it.