TopStyle Pro Review

TopStyle Pro - The Straight-forward web developer tool.

Submitted by allenroxas on Fri, 2008-07-18 04:06.
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Auto Tag, easy to install, easy to use, great CSS support
User Interface needs to be re-organized efficently

TopStyle Pro is probably the most straight-forward web developer tool. As a web designer I’ve found this to be quite easy to use. Yet, the user interface design lacks usability in many areas. It has been quite a task to find tools to connect to other webserver and upload the files, live.

Top Style Pro uses Microsoft Internet Explorer libraries to do previews; this makes it easy for the web developer to revise their code. Of course, we can’t leave Special Characters, as by default TopStyle has set it disabled, it offers a vast variety of options.

I have found TopStyle Pro Help File section to be quite outdated, the CSS Tricks & Tips needs a full change as it doesn’t include any helpful tip that any intermediate or advanced user web developer will find useful. It’s auto (X)HTML tag is by far the finest I have used, it doesn’t obstruct the web developer’s typing speed.


I have found very annoying that every time I purposely made a mistake it auto played Windows error sound.