Shape Solitaire Review

Shape Solitaire - Exterminate.....Exterminate

Submitted by FinalFantasyFan on Fri, 2006-06-23 00:04.
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Boring Game.....The only real this that is like Solitaire is that they are both card games

I can’t believe that this game is called Shape Solitaire; it is as if they stole the name of a boring card game copied certain things to make it look like Solitaire. Then made it ten times worse if that is possible what a horrible game, horrible does not even begin to describe how bad this game is. I mean its starts off with bringing you to the main screen which gives you the usually options of start game, help and quit and I think that was about it, the options was extremely basic. The next screen gets so worse you are take to level 1 which is an orange screen with an image of two apples which you fill in with cards, there is like an invisble conveyer belt which pulls cards along the bottom of the screen. All you need to do is place cards in the images as fast as you can, so the makers of this game call it Solitaire, but it is so unlike the original Solitaire.

The way you place the cards is like so mixed up and not the same as the original Solitaire game, your main goal is to fill up the images before you run out cards. So like you can place a 9 then an 8, then see another 9 and place it beside then eight and keep doing this for awhile then start to link other numbers like 10 to the 9 and then do that for a bit with the tens then work from there. The second and third level game images are even worse, if that is possible you have a Bell image for level 2 and a Pumpkin image for level 3, I mean how sad is that. Anyway, as I said, the main goals are more about filling in the image and gaining points than actually making this fun or enjoyable game.

The only two things I want to do with this Shape Solitaire is…..Exterminate and Terminate


If you have ever the misfortunate of having to play this game, you have my deepest sympathy....Avoid it....Exterminate it