Cryptainer Review

Ultimate Hideout “Cryptainer”.

Submitted by jesse on Sun, 2008-07-20 17:25.
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The lowest price: 40.5$
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Reliable, User Friendly, Important, with no flaws, extraordinarily immense.
Only for those who have important documents. And no other con founded yet.

Cryptainer is a really good software program. It is a vault for keeping files safe. And it really helps. Well I use internet on a wide range and I have a lot of personal confidential documents and files that I don’t want to share with anyone. And these days hacking are quite getting common and the percentage of hackers is increasing at a tremendous rate. So I brought this software for welfare of my documents and files. Hackers are quite getting stronger these days, they hack like it’s their hobby, for they are advancing in hacking methods.
Working of this software program is easy. Cryptainer creates multiple encrypted drives on the hard disk of the computer. And every encrypted drive can easily be loaded and unloaded as per need. What we do is put our confidential documents and files in Cryptainer program. And it will hide those files and documents. And after that we can create a password. And that make those files password protected.
1. It provides cover from hackers.
2. It allows us to send encrypted email files with or without encrypted self-extractor.
3. It hides and password protects any confidential files or folders.
4. It works on all versions of Microsoft windows.
5. It’s a 448-bit encryption.
6. It’s economical.
7. It’s worth having.


Cryptainer is a powerful tool for security of private documents with its powerful 448-bit encryption.