President Forever Review

Phenomenal characterization of American politics!

Submitted by DJReview on Mon, 2008-07-21 13:16.
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*Politically accurate with details on policy. *Fairly impressive understanding of American issues. *Primary portion is fantastic and highly realistic.
*Realism seems to induce political biased (Clinton nearly unbeatable). *Interface is cluttered with way too many icons, SIMPLIFY!

Here's my thesis: After playing this game I feel as though I have an accurate prediction of our new 2008 president. It is THAT realistic.

In all honesty, John Edwards should have taken this game for a go. The superb virtual accuracy displayed by the "American popularity engine" (self-titled) makes this game appear almost as a device for training in political campaigning. Between the detailed examination of individual state political preferences and virtual reaction to concurrent political platforms, themes, and advertisement this game really has a knack for displaying believable outcomes and occurrences.

So why do I feel as though this game isn't that of legends?

a) It simply does not appeal to most people who are going to potentially download it due to it's cluttered interface and excess of seemingly unnecessary icons. It is NOT a game that you can just pick up and play... and hey, when I pay $10 bucks for a game I don't expect to have to read a How To Guide on how to reselect my character.

b) It's a novelty item... Look, I applaud the subject matter of political parties (it's great for election time), but does it really exceed the hype of the presidential primaries and election? Is anyone really going to be interested in 6-7 months? For a price of $10.80 you might be flat out pissed that you bought the thing in the first place. IF ONLY IT WERE MORE ACCOMMODATING TO A WIDER DIVERSITY OF POLITICAL ACTIVITY.

c) It's not original... Don't get me wrong, the subject matter is fairly original, but the interface and gameplay? This game follows the same exact format of SuperPower!!! The original SuperPower came out HOW long ago? And I'd still prefer to play it (and I'm sure more people agree). Some vague similarity to Drug Wars as well.

----Don't expect to be wowed by anything other than what you can discover on CNN.


The game is wonderful for a few kicks, maybe 3-4 games, but it's bound to get old quick. Sure buy it if you're into politics and want something that's going to accurately appraise your social engineering skills... But if you want a game that's going to wow your with; originality, playability, and continual excitement... Look elsewhere.