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Zzed: It's Not So Horrible To Be Green - When You're A Martian

Submitted by FinalFantasyFan on Mon, 2006-07-03 21:23.
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There's good instruction on what your task is, and the game is good at pulling you in and consuming you're time.
The graphic and design could be better, but it ain't that bad

Its not so horrible being green, when you are a Martian zipping about in a spaceship destroying coloured garbage. In some way, this game reminds me of ‘Mad Caps’ or the game ‘Diamond Mine’. The goal of the game is to destroy the garbage coming towards your spaceship, the garbage is several different colours and in order to successfully blow them up what you need to do is hit a same coloured garbage against an oncoming one of the same colour. In the same way as ‘mad caps’ and ‘diamond mine’ should you be able to get a line or group of same coloured garbage together, the more same group colours you smash together the more combos you make and the more points you gain.

There are several levels and each level you get more oncoming garbage in all directions, so each level is more difficult than the previous. The storyline is set around a poor young Martian who wants to marry a girl from a rich Martian family the only way her father will let them marry is if the young male Martian Zzed can earn his fortune. The graphics and design are pretty cool, not a real masterpiece but good all the same.

I don’t really have good co-ordination, so I usually don’t like these shoot - em - up games where there is a lot of moving around and quickly shooting things. Nevertheless, I did like this probably because it was very like ‘Mad Caps’ and ‘Diamond Mine’. Though there was 45 minutes game play to the trial version, I hardly felt the time pass and before I knew it time was up. it’s a fast pace game and kept my interest, though its one of those games you need to spend a bit a brain power on focusing and planning which garbage next is best to go for and which group of coloured garbage will get you the most points.


Overall I really liked this game and within a few minutes of playing, I forgot about time and was consumed by space. For the price of this game I think it is well worth it, but only if you like games like 'Mad Caps' and 'Diamond Mine'.