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Submitted by tinalee on Tue, 2008-07-22 14:38.
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Rich functions, user friendly layout, a very good help system making it easy to learn.
Plain GUI, coarse figures and pictures. Neither 3D effect nor material selection is available. Hence it is impossible to calculate the total expense of the plan automatically.

Although its name is Home Plan Pro, it is too simple to be a professional software. It can only draw 2D figures. The user cannot select different materials to see the different effects. As a result, it doesn't has the ability to calculate the expenses according to the amount and type of the materials used automatically as most of other professional software do.

However, it is a good software for beginners. It not only provides such basic functions as drawing primitive shapes (lines, circles, rectangles, curves, etc.), changing colors, styles and width of lines, selectable fill patterns and so on, but also provides something useful but other software seldom have. For instance, the auto draw function lets users just input some numbers and then the desired figures appear on the screen automatically. It's a big relief for those who are not good at using a mouse, and can save considerable time.

It also provides a switch between USA and metric measurements to cater to different user preference. A great number of pre-drawn pictures and figures make it easier and funnier. Although most of them are of low quality.

Despite the rough graphical user interface, everything is handily placed in the designing window. It makes full use of the screen space to provide as many information as possible to the users and still has a pretty large designing area.

One highlight of the software is its help system. In addition to traditional help documents, it has a very easy-to-use tool guide. Whenever you right click a button, a small window pops out at the bottom right corner of the screen. In it, the instructions on how to use this button is explained in simple English with the aid of graphs.


A software for amateurs with plain GUI and moderate functions.