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SuperBot A Download Manager with a difference

Submitted by janusvas on Wed, 2008-07-23 16:20.
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The lowest price: 44.05$
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1.Faster download.Option to download entire web site. 2.Adding HTML codes to downloaded web pages. 3.choosing protocols 4.Restrict downloading file extensions addresses and locations. 5.set timeout for downloads
1.Builtin browser features. 2.Less maximum simultaneous downloads. 3.Insecure password saving mechanism. 4.Expensive.

The Interface is pretty simple and mainly focused on user friendliness. It provides with startup tips like any other software .Of course it can be disabled. The logo that they use is childish. It would have been better with some other picture on it.There is another interesting option "speak" in the tip of the day dialog box.The voice is annoying and it might have been good if sweet. Overall it is a good attempt to hear about the software those who do not have patience to read.

To start with we have to choose on the common jobs button to the left. It provides options such as downloading a webpage, downloading a file,and interestingly it has options to download an entire web site.I dont think many Download Managers have this options.Maximum simultaneous downloads is just 4 which is quite low. There is an Integrated browser which is not impressive. It lacks some of the basic features provided by a browser. Below the browser there are options to view the downloaded images as slideshow, which might not be of much use.The log tab shows all the actions performed. You can save your passwords and user names. But it is not advisable to use this option when u share your system with others. There are no ways by which you are authenticated to use superbot. Playing music during startup is an extra facility. Although there are various options to set restrictions for file download they are too complicated to use for a common man with very few knowledge. Restricting users to download a particular file format and extensions is very good in an administrators point of view. The user is free to choose a protocol(HTTP,FTP and HTTPS) which we don’t find in most download managers. Time limit for a particular file to download can be set. Adding HTML header and footer for the downloaded HTML pages is a good option for web developers.


To conclude with superbot is a good download manager with some pitfalls.It is strongly recomended if you afford to spend $44 for a download manager.