PlanBee Review

Lets Just Cross That Bridge When We Get to It

Submitted by thepinkbandit on Fri, 2006-07-14 07:44.
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Workflow Diagramming
Lack of customization. Technological redundancy. User Interface

After using PlanBee, I’m glad that I get to trudge back to my spreadsheets and task manager back at the office.

Atop the list of PlanBee’s shortcomings is the user interface. The software lacks the order of a uniformed interface as well as many resizing capabilities that are a given in today’s world. The product is a cluttered interface that loses customizability while making a feeble attempt at efficiency. There is simply no concept of space allocation in play.

PlanBee’s menu presents further limitations, highlighting the frills of the redundant software. The Options dropdown menu offers little substance which is a direct reflection of how little the program actually does.

PlanBee’s most unique features are its Pert Chart Window and task completion panel. The former provides the user with a graphical representation of their project while the latter simply shows how far along a task is.

The developers were onto a good idea with the Pert Chart, which diagrams tasks and workflow. The chart is scalable which is useful for isolating and editing tasks on the chart as well as having the capability to view a graphical summary of tasks. There are also options for the way workflow is presented on the Pert Chart permitting several options for visual organization.

Having a timeline is another decent feature, very similar to the Pert Chart, but I don’t offer my kudos to the developers for throwing this in since it's expected of a program devoted to project management.

Whoever developed PlanBee should swiftly move on to Plan C. With more robust scheduling capabilities found in more ubiquitous software such as MS Outlook and MS Excel, PlanBee brings little to the table and should be nothing more than freeware.


Confused why the developers have the confidence to offer a 30 day trial period. PlanBee is inferior to its contemporaries and is not worth any amount of money, much less $63 bucks.