Cactus Bruce And The Corporate Monkeys Review

Humour for the adult soul.

Submitted by akosua on Tue, 2008-07-29 21:48.
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Hilarious, easy to use, creative concept, addictive, great graphics and music.
Can't think of any.

Cactus Bruce and the Corporate monkeys is a coalescent of skill and humour. The objective of the game is to break all bricks built by the witful monkeys in order to defend your home - Foster Island - from invasion.

When I began playing, I was a bit confused as I was seeing a completely new environment on my computer screen. As I continued playing, I began to find my place - strategy and skill. I found out who, what I really was in this game - a human being trying to defend his very own home from invasion. A home he has worked long and hard for.

The game is very realistic in my opinion. From a certain perspective, it seems that realism has taken its place in the game. What other normal human being wouldn't defend their very own home from an attack by unknown persons? Every real man would do so.

The music suits the humour of the game and contributes to all the excitement.

There are geniuses behind the creation of this wonderful masterpiece. You will get addicted after many failed attempts to protect your home from invasion. Trust me!


This is a wonderful, humourous game - something that every adult needs in their everyday life. Sometimes, we just need to get away from everything - friends, parents, work, spouse, even kids. We need to just get away and remember that we're not getting any younger. We were once kids and can still be. Just as kids do, we can also have fun.