Platypus Review

Loads of Fun!

Submitted by benthebob on Thu, 2008-07-31 05:51.
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Clay animation adds something unique to the environments. Good gameplay and many features to explore. Many different levels. 2 player option.
The music can get repetitious and annoying at times but it can be turned off.

Platypus in my opinion is a game everyone should at least play once.
It offers old-school style gaming(think space invaders) with a new feel. The clay animation adds a really unique look to this game without taking one's attention away from the game play, which I might add is superb for a game with this kind of budget. The developers definitely intended this game to be a challenge to the average gamer from the beginning. The enemies the player encounters vary quite nicely and the weapon upgrades allow for different types of shooting strategies.

Each check point results in a review of the players efficiency leaving the avid gamer with goals to "shoot" for as they repeatedly try to outdo themselves. With over 20 levels to play in the full version one can really spend a good chunk of time mastering this game.

Another great feature is the option for two players. I could see this working very well for a parent who wanted to spend time with their computer-minded offspring, without having to be a "wiz" at video games.


Great game with simple, yet unique game play. Much thought obviously went into this game and I recommend it to anyone with time to kill.