Weave Words Review


Submitted by akosua on Sun, 2008-08-03 00:18.
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graphics, music, challenging, concept, fun, easy to use, simple yet complex,
Some mystery phrases are a bit outdated.

Weave Words is so much fun! It makes learning new words a much more fun and better experience. Who knew education could be so challenging and rewarding yet simultaneously amusing and fun? It's all for such a great price too.

The objective of the game is to 'weave' given letters into words in order to reveal the mystery phrase at the top of your screen. It's all arranged in a sort of bee-hive pattern adding to all the excitement and fun. The graphics are excellent. The background music is great. Overall, I LOVE this product. It's fun, challenging, easy to use, and fast. It's got a simple concept, yet it's such a wonderful game! All I have to say is: WOW!


One of the best word games yet.