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Easy and useful

Submitted by marcus on Sun, 2008-08-03 18:04.
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Simple, understandable Relaxed design Fully understandable and usable to almost anyone (including your grandmother) No previous experience needed Realtime Preview
I would like to see more in Effects part No plug-ins available Can't see if it's possible to use it as an add-on to the master program Windows-only

Here's NGWave

At first look.

NG Wave v 4.0 is best suited for basic audio editing: cut, copy, paste (insert/replace/mix), delete, record. I've used many audio editors and I simply hate when I have to learn what few buttons do over a week or so. That's where the power is - easily understandable interface. No witchcraft needed. I'm fascinated editing between different file formats. More specifically between wav and mp3, and that's nowadays perfectly enough.

Of what's different.

I like option opening many files in different tabs. They're all visible at once making really easy switching between them. Opening files includes Automatic and Realtime Prewievs. Saving/Loading view are another handy features.

Really good trait is NG's crash recovery. Computer and program crashes happen in the best studios, too. And after restart you can claim your unlimited Undos - because they're still there for you. My computer didn't happen to crash while trying the editor, so I can't tell if it's truth (but I believe it is because all the rest really is as promised). Cutting-pasting-changing-deleting IS fast and easy. The sound quality is totally OK.

In Process

In Process part are the effects. Nice 10-Band EQ, FFT Filter, Noise Reduction (essential for recording), Echos, quite useful Compressor/Limiter with 6 presets, Distortion, Time and Pitch Shift/Bend and Tone Generator. You can use them, you don't have to use any of them. Sometimes it's really fun to add effects senselessly, but you have to know where the limits are. I've heard too many over designed songs. And maybe that's good that there ain't too many of them. For the recording - Metronome is good add.

I know that you agree - programs have to make human's life easier not vice versa. I have much better to do than look for a certain edit for an hour.

Registering includes unlimited free upgrades.


I was actually little scared at first of 'another audio editor' but everything turned out good. It doesn't matter at which level you edit your files. Is it your first piece of program to try to mess around with audio files or you just want to cut your mp3s little shorter or you make that important final mix of master files.