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Submitted by thepinkbandit on Thu, 2006-07-27 01:21.
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Heighly effective. Raises the bar of efficiency for menial email tasks. Printable help guide.
Terrible Name. SendPhotos Gold 4, come on...

While reading the software’s description, I expected to hate it with no question. My impression was, “Who can’t send photos in their email at this juncture!? And with the spam blocker bouncer on everyone’s email server, I’m never going to see these pictures anyway.”

I stand corrected. SendPhotos Gold 4 is a well designed program that identifies just about everything the user needs to get done and easily and precisely when sending pictures via email and posting for the whole world wide web to see. You can edit the basics such as the font, font size, and background color; there’s even an uber user friendly way to make custom backgrounds, not just the color-wheel stuff. Email is set up with pictures and places for the captions about where they should be.

Lucky users who have MS Outlook or Outlook Express can send their pics via these programs. Those of us with something else must set up an account with SendPhotos folks. To our avail, they only ask for your name and your email address and you’re off the bureaucratic hook. You can send your emails straight through their server and with Cable or DSL, it takes only a moment. For bloggers, you possess the option to post your pictures on the internet after activating a Photoblog account.

So that’s how it works, plain and simple. But there’s more to SendPhotos Gold 4 than I had estimated. Pictures can be edited with a limited, but practical, set of tools. Take out the red eye, print yourself, modify the exposure, and alter the picture as you would on your TV. Having the ability to order high quality prints sounded nice until I realized that they weren’t coming directly to my mailbox. Come on, why can’t they mail you your pics!?

In retrospect, my skepticism may have been rooted in the lousy name that the developers chose for this program. SendPhotos Gold 4 could use some better PR. However, that’s the reason for the free evaluation version. I encourage everyone looking for something like this to at least exploit the evaluation and see how useful it is.


I already own enough software that usurps my personal need for SendPhotos Gold 4, but I recommend it to anyone looking to accomplish its tasks outlined above without much technical skill.