Platypus Review

Platypus- Very addictive and very fun

Submitted by bjmh777 on Sun, 2008-08-03 21:08.
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very easy to pick up the controls. Original graphics, the clay effect. Two player mode and very addictive
Quite repetitive, very simple idea so it has been done before and the music isn't superb.

Platypus is a very modern game and yet has the qualities of older games. The first thing that made me buy it was the name, even though it has nothing to do with platypusses it is still quite a addictive game.

The graphics are excellent and i just love the clay effect and i think that it has not been done before on a space shooter style game before.

The gameplay is just as good, I loved trying to beat my previous highscore and also blowing up the enemy ships. I thought that the two player mode was the icing on the cake because it made the game more enjoyable and more interesting.

The controls were very easy to learn as there weren't many and they were easy to remember.

On the downside it was quite repetitive and the music was making me tired. The idea is not that original and the plot is not very structured or inventive.

One of the worst things was that you can very easily play a game just like this for free off a games website.

Overall i liked the classic spaceship idea mixed with the more fun and modern clyamotion. If they varied the music and made the plot more interesting then it would be perfect.


Very addictive, very fun. Fun for the whole family.