Xilisoft DVD To PSP Suite Review

PSP "Suite" Not So Sweet

Submitted by Papaseed on Tue, 2008-08-05 19:28.
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The lowest price: 40.5$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Adjustable Bit-Rate/Free Starting-Ending Point Choice/Small CPU Storage.
Audio-Video Lag/Slow Encoding/Not Enough Export Formats/Mediocre Quality.

When your looking for a converter for your files, you should find an actual converter, for all formats. Picking and choosing much smaller engines isn't what your looking for. The characteristics say that this program has "powerful functions, fast ripping and converting speed, excellent output quality". I use to use this for my PSP. It takes almost forever to finally encode it, and when it does, sometimes the file may even skip or lag. The audio and video have been off for me, not by much, but by enough of an amount to make you upset and unhappy with your purchase. It's a waste of hard drive space. Although, i have to admit, the video quality on this is mildly nice, and it does give you kind of a free atmosphere when deciding exactly what portions you want converted, or the bit rate, which is good. But all in all, it's not even worth it to PIRATE the software. In other words, Xilisoft Suite, is not so sweet.


In Conclusion, this isnt the software you want for converting. Although, if your looking for a program, just to get by, this is small and will work.