Xeno Assault 2 Review

Ive seen and played better

Submitted by fayazsundrani on Tue, 2008-08-05 23:32.
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Fun for a short period, Easy Controls
Price, Graphics, Weapon Upgrades, Game Interface, Annoying Music, Boring, Too easy ( even on hardest level ), too repetitive

Xeno Assault II is just another Space Invaders, Asteroids, or Darius Twins type of game. Your typical arcade type of game, but there were just too many problems that made it boring. The beginning is nice and simple because it allows the gamer to get adjusted to the controls. I was expecting more challenging foes to come along the way but the game was a joke! I played the 30 minutes without even dieing once on the hardest level setting. The graphics are terrible and the background scenery stays the same throughout the game. From what i remember back in the day, games like this on the super nintendo (like Darius Twin) had background changes and catchy music to listen to while you played ( the music was different each stage ). The scenery in Xeno is always blackish red and is simply dull. Sure it was fun blasting those monsters away for the first few minutes, but after hearing the terrible music, looking at the boring graphics, terrible weapon upgrades that barely seemed any different from the ones before, the game interface being too plain, and the game being too repetitive just simply made me want to fall asleep. The price is absurd for this type of game. Many may disagree that not all people look for graphics or music in the game (since people listen to their iPod or music players these days while playing video games), but it still is not worth paying for. You could pay a few dollars and get something better than this garbage.

The only thing i liked about the game was that it was fun for a short period of time and the controls were easy to get used to.


Xeno Assault II is your typical arcade type of game. Unfortunately, this game should be ignored by any gamer who wants to play a quality game that has better graphics and fun game music along with it.