Flash Catcher Review

Flash needs fulfilled

Submitted by gamesfreak on Sun, 2006-07-30 20:48.
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The lowest price: 22.45$
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Very easy to use,neat and simple interface,does the job.
Works only with internet explorer.Some flash animations go undetected.

For those of you who use the net for leisure would surely have to admit that flash clearly runs the net. Flash animations have reached a stage where countless days are spent to develop that one brilliant animation and has become one of the favourite hobbies for young and old.

Flash Catcher is a good tool which enables you to actually save these animations for later viewing as well.Its really very simple to use,the red clickable tab starts glowing whenever there is a flash animation on the page and all you have to do is select the animations you want and click on save.Simple right,thats exactly the usp of this product.

Simply put this isn't one of those softwares with lots of fancy features but is something which sticks to its job and delivers the goods.

However one of the biggest drawbacks is its browser support.I could not believe that i had to open internet explorer to actually use this software.If you use any other browser then well you will need to sacrifice it and start using internet explorer.

All in all its a product worth looking into at least, flash is really what runs the internet and there are some brilliant animations out there.Give this software atleast a look in to see whether it suits your needs.Though there are lots of similar softwares, i doubt they can get simpler than this.Given that they built better browser support in the future this is a gem of a product.


Its got its share of pros and cons.If you love flash and use internet explorer its worth its weight in gold.