Pretty Good Solitaire Review

If variety defeats boredom...Winner!

Submitted by GandalfsFury on Wed, 2008-08-06 02:42.
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Large variety with easy to understand rules that get you quickly from one game to the next. Long time before you get burn-out with this game.
Although colorful, it's a big 2D'ish. It could use some shadow effects.

The install wizard was smooth with options like choosing the destination path (some don't...quite anoying). With the vast number of games it can seem overwhelming at first, but the categories help you select a game and play. The rules button was easy to find with bright colors in the middle of the toolbar. The rules were easy to follow which encouraged me to play new games instead of sticking to ones I already know.

The interface was eye catching yet not too much. Game play and the movement of cards was smooth. However, when the computer would automatically move certain was hard to follow sometimes what was moved. It was at this point I found how versatile this game is. It not only allows you to change the card backs...but the card size, animation speed (slide bars), and backdrops to name a few.


As a card buff, this game would keep me occupied for some time. Even if I put it down for a while...I'll pick it back up to play some more.