AV Voice Changer Review

AV Voice Changer

Submitted by SpaceYeti on Mon, 2008-08-11 20:37.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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1) Easy to use 2) Great voices and effects 3) Works with everything that I've tried
1) Kind of an ugly interface

While downright creepy in the respect that you can alter the sound of your voice and record any conversations are had with anyone, AV Voice Changer works virtually flawlessly with any chat/IM/media interface that I tried it on. When I turned it on to talk to one of my friends, they were convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was someone else using my screen name.

The sound quality of AV Voice Changer is superb, it alters everything without distorting it or lessening its quality.

The various presets that come with AV Voice Changer are all sufficient to mask the user's voice, and can additionally alter any sound being sent through the computer's sound card. The AV Voice Changer can be used on all of the media player programs I tried, including iTunes and Windows Media Player, easily the two most common media playback programs. Listening to male singers come off as a girls (and vice versa) was enough to amuse me for quite a while.

I, myself, am a musician. While playing around with this program, I got to thinking: Why shouldn't this work for the songs I had made? I quickly tried it, running from my recording software, and was amused at the excessively high pitches I could alter my music to.

The recording feature on AV Voice Changer works very well as well, it's very easy to use. Recording anything is just a few mouse clicks away.

The interface on AV Voice Changer is somewhat flawed, in the fact that it's a bit ugly, but there are really no problems with it.


In conclusion, AV Voice Changer is an awesome program for what it does. It's easy to use, and the presets sound great. It's also affordable, and gives you the power of other, more expensive voice changers for a low cost. Definently buy it if you need this sort of software.