Bricks Of Epypt Review

Bricks of Egypt

Submitted by shayla on Wed, 2008-08-13 18:19.
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Good graphics, not too annoying music, kind of addicting, really easy to play
It gets boring really fast, not very exciting to play

Bricks of Egypt is just another typical game with a paddle and a ball but with really cool graphics, not too annoying music and a bunch of levels to choose from. At the beginning you get to choose from eight different levels and each one of them has eight levels through which you progress during the game. You can also choose from three different difficulties.

But all you have to do is click and then watch the ball bounce while you are having almost no problems catching it, no matter which difficulty you choose at the beginning. It has no point and no real ending. As there is no thinking necessary it can get pretty boring really fast. So I think this game is more appropriate for children.

But I don't want to completly trash the game, since it has really cool graphics and it's even kind of addicting. It's actually quite good for killing time and because of its easyness it is not at all stressful.


It's a great game if you have nothing else to do, but I don't understand why anyone would want to pay 18$ for it. It's just not worth it.