Icon Constructor Review

Sweet and Simple

Submitted by thepinkbandit on Fri, 2006-08-11 07:20.
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Simple and functional.
Exhaustive. How many icons can you make?!?

I'm a fan of simple software that combine asthetic appeal with solid functionality. Icon Constructor fits this profile.

I played with the demo for waaaaay too long, trying milk it for everything it had to offer. I crafted icons for everything it had to offer. It was nice to see so many options available: folders, email shortcuts, icq shortcuts (I'm not an ICQ user, but still cool nonetheless), generic windows icons, and AIM buddy icons.

This was my first time using an icon maker since the late 90s and I wasn't sure what to expect aside from turning images (hopefully plenty of formats) into icons. To my sweet surprise, Icon Constructor had something to offer in an easy, orderly fashion.

One of my two favorite things about Icon Constructor was what I could turn into an icon. Aside from generally formatted images, you could take frames from multimedia files (videos and flash) and turn them into icons. My other favorite thing was the email shortcut icon. I thought it was like having pictures on my phone identifying the contact.

This was a simple, well done program that would be great to try. If 15 passes and you miss it the price tag is borderline worth it.


Great piece of software; it can go a long way with a creative mind behind the wheel. My only suggestion for the developers is to bundle this product in a package (offer the stand-alone, too), because of it's fleeting and occassional needs. A potpourri of software of this caliber would be more tempting.