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10 reasons u don't want it

Submitted by naman kapoor on Mon, 2008-08-18 16:50.
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The lowest price: 44.96$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
recovers data lost by any reason works on 95 98 xp and other editions really very small in size
logo is not windows certified avira antivirus does not recognise it to costly for just recovering Ms word data Does not support vista (is it for grannies) the visuals are very poor why only Ms word 6.0 where is support for office 2003 what if some one else uses to read my extremely private data which i intentionally deleted does not have password security to access it

I lost my Ms word data i wanted it back
well i had the option of only this software (as the only functional trial ware available)
the software is very well designed caused it worked on both the OS of my computer that is windows 98 and windows XP
It also supports the other older versions of windows 95, 97, 98, 2000, 2003, and all the additions of XP
I say only this software as it studies many deleted files unlike other other software which study only single file
So i was able to retrieve my data without any lost

But when lately i felt that i din't wanted this software
the reasons were
1)44.96$ is a lot of money well at least if my data is not as precious as 45 $
2)the software is not windows certified what's the guaranty that it won't harm my PC
3)after spending 44.96 i just had Ms word recoveror but what about my other office applications will i need to pay a sum of 1000$ for that
4)where is the support windows vista
5)why would one need to have Ms office 6.0 when many still use the 2003 edition
6)Shall not i learn data recovery my self for 50$ dollars instead of paying 44 dollars for this stuff
7)And it doesn't have a password security accessing what if some one recovers the files i intentionally deleted and reads them
8)And why does it need to connect to internet my Avira detected that it tries to connect to internet i blocked it
9)why won't u get a whole recycle bin recovery software by diskeeper corporation which is at least certified by windows
10) do u really have such a important data for which u would spend your pocket money


If u are in army u need this software it u r junior James Bond then u surely need to retrieve America's secret document but if not then just try the software for fun no one would need it