NGWave Review

NGWave is the best.

Submitted by pjephraim on Thu, 2008-08-21 12:23.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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Fast,ability to preview most edits in realtime,supports large files.reliable.Vista compatible,crash recovery,easy to use
feature to save ones creation not offered,not very appealing.

NGWave is the program to go for if anybody is looking forward to or is aspiring to perform audio editing in music and video sounds. NGWave comes in very hardy in the above tasks since it offers features such as:automatically corrects DC offset,support for WAV and MP3 files,full MIDI Hardware control,frequency tuner,LED VU and time display. Moreover it has an integrated metronome, mixer, large support for extremely large files,full crash recovery and undo/redo features which work very well and fast.The program is Vista-compatible for the recent version and runs on Windows 98,2000 and XP. It does not support Windows 95 orNT4.0.The program also offers one to record sound and its fast and allows one to select colors manually. It has worked perfectly for me and I I'm satisfied with the service I get from it.I personally rate it above other softwares.


I would recommend it to users since it works really well though the price is a bit high it's worth it.