Cryptainer Review

Encrypt files with Cryptainer

Submitted by tariq judge on Thu, 2008-08-21 15:33.
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The lowest price: 40.5$
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Your data is safe at all time even when you are surfing the net.
No format limitations:Cryptainer encrypts every kind of file format whether it is textual,tabular,graphical,organized in a database , audio or video.

Encrypt any kind of Data,PC,Media using Cryptainer PE File ,any Folder and Disk Encryption Software.Cryptainer allows you to encrypt any file or folder on any windows pc.Cryptainer PE ensures compelete security for your data making sure that only you and nobody else can access your data.Cryptainer allows you to send encrypted email files.
It can even be used as a type of backup for your very important files and it is a very good thing.Secure your pc and ensure total privacy with cryptainer PE's powerful 448 bit strong encryption without changing the way you work.You can create a virtual drive of upto 25,000 MB that can be loaded and unloaded as required,with a password.
Cryptainer can be installed directly on a USB/removable drive.With cryptainer you can customized easy to remember passwords, Your passphrase can be an alphanumeric combination of upto 100 characters;hence you can use long phrases that are easier to remember.
So use cryptainer and protect your data by creating multiple encrypted vaults for all your files and folders.


Cryptainer is a easy to use software and people can download it from many websites for free but if you want to use in a better way then you should buy this software.