Cucusoft iPod Movie/Video Converter Review


Submitted by pmolti on Sun, 2008-08-24 19:31.
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The lowest price: 25.46$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
A price of 29.95 dollars sound reasonable for such fine piece of equipement.
*No dvd/VOB conversion. For that Cucusoft has a different software. *Conversion will always start at the beginning of the movie, but you can choose to abort and it will still play the outcome.

Cucusoft IPod Video Converter(v.7.08) is so simple and easy to use, that about anybody can turn their favourite movies into an on-the-go enjoyment.

*You can almost use any format, DivX, XviD, MOV, rm, rmvb,dvr-ms, MPEG, WMV, AVI and turn them into iPod Movie / iPod Video format.

*You can Convert up to 4 different IPod devices. Choosing between Ipod, Ipod Touch, Ipod TV(size) and Ipod video nano. Each device has two formats the default MPEG-4 format or the latest and more advanced H.264 format.This also means that it will automatically play apple's Quicktime Player.

*The GUI (graphical user interface) is no more complicated then it looks, but uses latest advance in software technologie.

* Encode movies to your ipod with preference to disable Video or Audio

* choose between 6 variable sizes from 320x240 to 680x480

* You can optimize Video/Audio bitrate to match the original

* Encode Audio into AAC-LC(Advanced Audio Codec). Up to 48Hz and 160
Kpbs,Stereo(2 Channel) or mono(1 Channel).

* You can choose between 3 different Aspect Ratios or let the
software choose if you're not sure.

* Choose between Quality and Speed:
from 2(as best quality) - 32(worst quality)

* Plus, you can choose between "Threads Optimization". Single, Duo
or Quad-Core CPU. Whatever is best for you and your processor.

* It can do multiple encodings following each other

* Conversion of a 700 mb movie with normal quality, shouldn't take more than 30min.