Bricks Of Epypt Review

Very IMPRESSIVE game man! But before buy read my review .

Submitted by david lawrence on Wed, 2008-08-27 17:34.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Good Gameplay, Good Graphics, Not Ear-hurting sounds
Need of Geforce 8800 to run the game !!!

Ok lets take a look at our 21 century Brick Busting game,
but before that I talk about features of this game, I liked to tell
you about something else. Let's dont escape from the reality,
We live in the year 2008, where we have xbox360s, where we have playstation3s and where we have a GeForce8800 graphic card with DirectX 10 supporting, maybe this would be the best of its type, But nowadays when we can play the amazing gta 4 with stunning graphics, is it a right decision to pay 17 $ for a brick busting game and waste a few hours a day of our valuble life to bust the bastard bricks ???
Ok I prefer to continue with the game: the first time that I played a brick busting game it was about 20 years ago, in that time I was a kid about 120 cms tall, ok ? and year by year from that time I'v been observing the process of modernization of brick busting games !!!
cooool ! not ? But if I want to say the truth Bricks of Egypt is one of the best of its veriety and there is no doubt that it kicks ass of any other brick busting game on the net.
The graphics are absolutely not boring and I guarantee that your eyes wont get tired of looking at monitor while playing at midnight !
And also it has a very long story ,about 8 packs, and each pack has a lot of levels for you to complete, I think if you start right now playing the game, you may finish it in the next decade of your life !!! kidding ! may be ,if play hard, you reach the boss after one month, but its in case you play it 12 hours a day. (actually there is no any boss in this game !)
So, it is up to you, to buy or not to buy ? that is the question !
And for the last words, as I am a programmer, I know how it is hard even to write a very very small program, and making a game is really a nighmare for me ! so I hope that they earn some money out of their game .