Ace Utilities Review

A true Ace among ullities

Submitted by hulahulahoj on Fri, 2008-08-29 00:11.
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The lowest price: 25.46$
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Fast download, fast install, has a lot of diferent tools, finds a lot of errors and corrects them fast.
Simple interface, a little bit dull and that's all that i don't like about it

Well as you can see I'm a new user and I'm here to do some money. well i thought i could start with some tune up program since I have some experience with it.

I decided to test Ace Ullities but I thought I'm just going to download it, run a few test that wouldn't find anything since I have another tune up ullity and write a long rewiew with a lot of complicated words.

Well I was wrong. Ace Ullities hasn't got such a nice interface as my other tune up ullitiy but it has a few more options and finds much more temporary files, invalid registry and so on...

Ace Ullities is also quite a bit faster than my other ullity, took less time to download and finds more errors in my pc, BUT the interface is a lot more simple, all the windows look basically the same and everything is a little bit dull, so if you think your tune up ullity should look nice and interesting don't download Ace Ullities, but if you want a fast, simple ullity then go ahead, press the download and later if you like it the buy button.