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Zzed - unimpressed

Submitted by Grayzag on Mon, 2006-09-04 11:59.
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easy to use and pick up
Bad storyline and humour Repetitive Gameplay Bad graphics Just the same as lots of other puzzle games

This game is extremely similar to Asteroids, Bust-A-Move, and Shove It! This game puts you in the role of a green alien called Zzed who gets a job in the field of space waste disposal to try and marry his girlfriens, who has rich & powerful parents. Alot of energy is wasted in the background story and character info etc., as noneof this actually matters in the game. The story sequences are stale, with very formal language and some really sad humour.

Zzed puts you in a spaceship that fires colored meteors at other colored meteors. When you get three or more same-colored meteors to connect they will all explode. It's an all-too-familiar and old puzzle-game formula. However it also mixes things up by constantly changing the shape of the playing area, as well as where you start off.


Overall i was very unimpressed by this game. It has nothing new to offer in the way of gameplay, bad storyline, and not-too-good graphics. The only upside was ease of use. This is one to avoid.