Acronis True Image 10.0 Home Review

The Best Backup Software Out There

Submitted by coolman2024 on Mon, 2008-09-01 22:30.
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Backup or Restore while you work! Cheap for such a great software. Acronis Startup Recovery Manager. Acronis Secure Zone. + does everything the competition does
Acronis Startup Recovery Manager doesn't work in some cases when a hard drive fails or the system is very corrupt.

I am amazed at what this backup software can do. I've used Norton Ghost as well as PowerQuest Drive Image for many years, but neither software can come close to Acronis True Image Home v10.

The most amazing feature is being able to back up your entire hard drive to a single image while you are actively using your computer! This allows for daily backups without having to restart your computer or be there throughout the imaging process.

If something terrible happens to your system, you can boot into a special mode after turning on your computer that takes you to a DOS version of the Acronis Startup Recovery Manager without any bootdisks. Or if you want, and I recommend you to, boot from a set of floppies to then reimage your hard drive to recover your system. I recommend this mainly because I have had trouble in the past when my hard drive really had problems and the boot option was not available after turning on my computer. Thus I was forced to use the floppy disks.

Another great feature is Acronis Secure Zone. Where you can create a section on a hard drive purely for image storage. This zone cannot be accessed by any other program and therefore no viruses can get to it. The only way you can lose your images is if the hard drive has a complete failure. This does however waste space on your hard drive if you don't use all of the Secure Zone for imaging. So make sure to make it a realistic size. And yes, you can have other partitions on the drive that Secure Zone is installed on, so you don't have to dedicate a hard drive to Acronis.


One of the best pieces of software I have ever used. Also by far the best backup program. I can sleep soundly knowing that viruses and drive failure won't affect my life anymore.