East-Tec Eraser 2006 Review

East-Tec Eraser: Good for business use

Submitted by Grayzag on Mon, 2006-09-04 12:10.
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Great to keep your files secret, especially for businesses Easy to use Customisable
Wears out your Hard Drive quickly Slow to erase Not useful unless you paranoid

I found this to be an outstanding protector of your personal data. When you are browsing the net, you leave behind traces of your personal information. Normally such evidence is found in Internet history, your cache, unwanted cookies, chat room conversations, deleted e-mail messages, temporary files, Windows swap file, the Recycle Bin and so on, but this eraser completely destroys all such digital information and any traces of your private data, so that it is unrecoverable. It is easily customisable and usable.

You can delete data from almost any media, even wipe entire hard disks. It erases data more permanently than the U.S. Government! It can easily intgrate with many applications, e.g. browsers, P2P applications.

The major downside is that every yime you erase your hard disk, it wears out. Since East-tec eraser erases and rewrites files many times, this can wear out your hard drive if you use it lots. It is also slow to delete things, asit has to delete, rewrite, delete, rewrite etc.


This tool is obviously designed for business use, and is very good at keeping files deleted. I wouldnt recommend using it at home, however, unless your paranoid.