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Submitted by mirsarvat on Fri, 2008-09-05 14:00.
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The lowest price: 44.96$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
recovers data lost by any reason works on 95 98 xp and other editions really very small in size
not compatible with the neww office 2007 format

Well , I'm not going to tell you reasons to buy it but I'm gonna tell you my reasons: ,doc files recovered - files i've forgot about completely, but that doesn't mean they were not important files.

I run an accounting firm somewhere in Eastern Europe and it's vital that i have all my documents safe from predators like wiruses, trojans or from computer breakdowns, windows crashing for good, power breakdown, and many other reasons that are out of our hands because we are economists, alalysts, lawyers, and secretarial experts and we are not qualified to fix problems that occure on our computers. This is where DOC Regenerator comes in - it is a powerful, pretty fast piece of software that rocked my world.

It is useful at work / at home - in any of this cases you can recover easily your long lost and forgot data , or your vital documents. I personally have on my home computer hundreds of contract templates made by me or my associates during many years, and would be awful to loose them.

The price its fair comparing to the damages he can fix, and want to find another software I'm saying to you - do not bother , you found IT


It's basically a good software and you can use it easily - will do the job it was made for. We have two downsides but those cannot be considered vital when you are choosing this kind of applications.