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Submitted by noldor on Fri, 2008-09-05 20:01.
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Create your own integrated website search engine by a few clicks. Easy to understand and install, no programming knowledge is needed.
Page indexing will able to be overloaded, if your website has hundreds or thousands of dynamic pages.

Search Maker Pro is a very great idea especially for the web masters who are new on web pragramming and tired of can't create an effective search engine on their database and code behind. If you have a website which is not formed in thousands of dynamic pages (example: a product based company site means 20-25 pages maximum), this software is the best solution of creating a search engine on your domain. Choose you options stp by step and magically you will be gifted with an effective and good working search engine html codes. You can easly import it into your website.

The disadvantage of the software is; if you try to create a search index for hundreds of web pages, that will cost a lot of bandwith. Because it saves the page indexing codes into the same page as javascript. But just as i said in my beginning words, it is a perfect solution for the websites which has a limited page count, such as product presentation or company websites.

* Easy to install and run
* Wizard type of navigation
* Easy to use and understand the parameters
* Flexible options and settings
* No ads, no malware or no spyware
* Fast, reliable and effective result
* Immediate search results by the clientside javascript searching system
* Does not keep system resources busy at all
* You can add stylesheet to customize the apperance of your new engine
* The licence cost is quite cheap according to what it can create for your website


If you have no idea how to build an integrated search engine for your website, just use this software and see how a third party software can ease your works. No prgramming or html or database knowledge is needed, and that is the point of it.