Birthday Bios Review

Old but still functional.

Submitted by Matrixzer0 on Sat, 2008-09-06 01:15.
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Make a great "World News on your Birth Date" birthday news clipping or classy presentation for a friend or relative.
Not easy to use. Not being currently updated. No Main page to choose options. Only Menu based.

In this "day and age" its hard to find software over 3 years old, being still used and enjoyed. Birthday Bios is one of those programs. It basically creates a newspaper clipping or classy presentation on what happened on your birth date. You can edit the way you want the design and information to appear on the program itself or print it on an already decorated printed paper you can buy anywhere. And place that in your printer before printing.

It has options for name, time of birth, style to use, if you want to print it now or preview it before printing and if you want to load a customized template you stored previously. It also has a help index to allow you to understand the program a bit better.


It still has its uses and makes for a quick birthday "Gift Card". You can send your friends and family customized and have detailed facts of what happened on their birth date.