Pocket DVD Studio Review

DVDs On the Go? - Pocket DVD Studio Makes It Possible

Submitted by truehannah on Sat, 2008-09-06 03:58.
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The lowest price: 27.2$
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Good Aspect Ratio Control, Smart-phone Support, Supports various audio codecs, Great quality picture
Sometimes Crashes, Requires previous DVD player software to be installed on your computer

I got PQDVD so I could put a few DVDs on my 2GB mini SD card which is in my smart-phone. I was impressed with the quality it provided, even though the sound was a little low. I'm not sure if this was the environment I was trying to listen to the movie in, or if I just needed to change audio codecs for a clearer, more crisp audio. However, the picture is great! The feature which lets you scale the aspect ratio of the movie is wonderful, especially since the software is designed for pocket PCs, which generally have a larger screen than a regular smart-phone. You can also completely remove any black bars from your wide screen movies, so you get to take full advantage of your screen.

The only down side I saw to the program is that it requires a previously installed version of DVD player software, like PowerDVD. My computer comes with it, but some computers might not. This might lead to having to make another purchase if you don't have DVD player software, so check around and make sure you do. Sometimes PowerDVD is shipped free with printers and things. Also, while I was recording one of my other DVDs, PQDVD crashed on me and I had to restart it. Once I did, the software was fine. I tried recording the DVD again and it worked just fine, so I'm not sure what caused the first crash, perhaps it was just a freak accident.


All in all, I'd say if you're looking for a way to carry movies on the go with you this in an invaluable tool. I used to watch movies on my PSP, but the crazy aspect ratio and the converter software available for those makes the movies hazy and very low quality. PQDVD doesn't suffer from this problem, and compresses the movies nicely. If you have a 2GB mini SD like I do, you'll be able to take at least 6 movies with you, if not more, depending on what else you've got installed on the card. That's not bad, considering the price of PQDVD. I'd say it's well worth the cost for people on the go, especially college students like me.