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Privacy key BORED

Submitted by softpro on Wed, 2006-09-13 13:26.
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The lowest price: 80.95$
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Prevents any (at least the ones that I tried) key logger from logging vital information from your PC. Simple to use.
It has quite a few bugs that need to be fixed.

This software boasts of preventing any key logging software from capturing vital information from your system and utilizing it for any illegal purposes. It also asserts that any screen capturing devices are also blocked and prevented from any sort of malpractice.

Privacy Keyboard doesn’t bother you much by requesting you to interfere into making decisions about disabling any suspicious items. It displays a quick message about the module/program, which it considers suspicious and behaving in a way similar to any key logging software. It is up to you to then decide if it is really suspicious or not by checking the link from where it originates and then putting these in the white list so that it no longer prevents the legal programs from functioning.

This software has a Start and Stop button which lets you decide when you need this software to be monitoring your system. By default this would be running silently all the time and an icon in your tray shows that your computer is protected.

I got a message asking if I wanted to continue with the evaluation version or buy this product on the first day of using it. I clicked on continue evaluation and it stopped functioning. C’mon Gimme a break. Such a short evaluation period!!!. But the next day it was functioning normally.

Options are available, which is a one time thing for setting it based on the required preferences. This also has an option of using a virtual keyboard so that the user can click the keyboard instead of keying in, but isn’t this an anti clicking software? Hmmm…what if there is software that captures your clicks??? Moreover you need to be a fast clicker (I wonder what is the fastest clicking speed ever recorded is). On the brighter side, you could use the virtual keyboard to click in just the passwords. Excessive use of this virtual keyboard can make your regular key ‘bored’. Sic!

I had a few minor mishaps while using it initially mainly due to some small bugs that needs to be looked into. For example my cut and paste wasn’t working, my toolbar got locked to name a few.


If you are working in a sensitive area where you feel prevention is better than cure and that no one should have access to any of your messages typed on your screen or if you feel your boss or spouse hates you and has planted a key logging software to track your activities then go ahead and try it out. This software also has a few bugs that may need some tuning.