Xeno Assault 2 Review

Xeno Assault 2 - a game made for beginners

Submitted by kronikzxy on Mon, 2008-09-08 07:16.
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Easy, quick learning, smooth, colorful and illusionary.
Repeating, no climax, kinda boring, a hazard to IQ.

Xeno Assault 2 is a new space attack game made to suit game newbies, kids or ladies, but not for sophiscated game player. It has several features that beat the old fashion space attacking games.

The outer space background is colorful and illusionary, alien foes aeroplanes are vivid, appearing either aligned or shielded, you can get 5-500 points by destroying them. There are several stages that you only need to deal with the aerolites, this is relatively simple stage by just trying to aviod them or shoot them and get 50 points each.There are a lot of awards you can gain when you are poceeding, but remember don't be desperate to get them since it's easy to get hit when you are focusing on something else.The game is quite relaxing, because the speed of the foes' fire is reletively slow comparing to other space games, you have enough time to react before you get hit. Also you have quite a few lives to use, it just seems not easy for you to die. This feature leads to the weakness of Xeno Assault 2. The boss at the end of every stage is too weak, you can't even feel any pain let alone the thrill of shooting and killing, it's too easy to get through to the next stage. The second weak point is repeating, the music remains the same from the very begining, the foe's aeroplanes are in limited variaties, no surprise, no fresh terrors...

All in all, Xeno Assault 2 is catered to and only to newbie players. If you are already an expert on games like Solaris, then you'll definately feel Xeno Assault 2 boring and stupid.


If you are a game newbie, this is a good game for you to start with; if you are already a sophiscated game player, don't try it unless all you want is just to relax.