MP3 Doctor Pro Review

MP3 Doctor - The Doctor is On-Call

Submitted by KiahsDad on Mon, 2008-09-08 18:35.
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The lowest price: 26.05$
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Lots of options, generally simple to use, Fixes MP3's!
Plain looking interface, a little expensive, could be confusing if you dont understand the terminology.

First thing I noticed about this product is that the interface was rather plain, but don't judge a 'program' by its cover. This MP3 specialist can handle the task, which ever it may be. I had a couple of fuzzy sounding MP3s with uneven sound volume throughout the track and when I selected 'Normalize' and found the file location of my specific song; the Doctor went to work. It took about 2 minutes and a progress bar indicated time remaining. Just like that, my MP3 was repaired and is sounding better than ever. I would recommened this product to DJ's and average P2P downloaders alike.

++Available in Single Mode and Batch Mode++

-Options Available:-
+Normalize - Even sound quality with a simple click!
+Trim - Cut out all that talking at the beginning of the track!
+Resampler - Files not playing? Change to a higher bitrate!
+Equalizer - Adjust track quality
+ID3 Tags - Allows you to save track info.(title, album, etc)
+Karaoke - Remove vocals for hours of fun!
+Tempo/Pitch - Chipmunk song? or Screwed & Chopped versions!

+Encode .WAV's into MP3's! & Decode MP3's to .WAV's!

++ The MP3 Doctor will heal your sick tracks in no time ++


Great program to fix up MP3's. Highly recommended to people who love their music and quality is important. Definitely an asset to a DJ.