Ace Utilities Review

Ace Utilities - Cleans Up the Competition

Submitted by Robert Griffin on Wed, 2008-09-10 21:41.
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  1. Does seem to miss some files will running the duplicate file utility
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Reasonable price point for software
  1. Does seem to miss some files will running the duplicate file utility
  2. Chance important registry files could be deleted - if user did not know what they were doing

Is your computer becoming painfully slow? You know that slow that allows you to see each and every pixel as the screen transitions from one application to another - then you need Ace Utilities. Ace Utilities, in my opinion, is one of the most effective and easy to use utilities on the market today; so what makes Ace Utilities so great?

Well, if you are like me you probably have mp3's, pictures, and other space hogs on your PC, and I would bet that all of these files are not clean, unique files - Ace Utilities takes care of those unwanted files by allowing the user a very intuitive manner to remove duplicate, junk, temporary, and corrupt files.

As with all utilities of this manner I would of course suggest that you have a backup of your system before you start and then go for it! It is fun seeing those gigabits of useless, space hogging data getting whisk away to your recycle bin. While we are on the subject of things going to the recycle bin, Ace Utilities also provides a great tool to "properly" remove old, unwanted, or broken programs that slow down your computer. Forget having to search eight different places to delete program files or having to use the antiquated methods supplied within Windows - Ace Utilities takes care of the complete uninstall for you, allowing you to do other enjoy the new found speed and perform of your computer.


I have no regrets about purchasing this product. Ace Utilities has proved to be a reliable piece of software that I use on a weekly basis to keep my computer clean and running at the top of its game. I would recommend this software to anyone who is looking for this type of utility.