Xeno Assault 2 Review

Xeno Assault II

Submitted by inino07 on Sat, 2008-09-13 02:49.
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-Quick game play -Takes fast reactions -Simple controls
-Dull graphics -Weaponry does not have the "woah" factor -Each level was similar to the one before it

Xeno Assault II makes me glad that I have not played the first Xeno Assault. Being a well rounded gamer, I found this game very boring and unexciting. The graphics are pretty much as basic as it gets, which adds to sheer dullness of the game.

As far as game play goes, you are situated in a powerful spaceship and set out to destroy the aliens and other obstacles that stand in your path of destruction. I honestly expected more bang out of the weapons you use. I wanted to right click on the my mouse and say "woah". this game does not offer that.

Xeno Assault II in my opinion just does not give me the edge that would make me choose this game over another game.


This game is not exciting in any way, and I would not recommend it.