AudioStreamer Review

Got me hooked

Submitted by alanna_emiya on Mon, 2008-09-15 20:03.
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Easy in set up and use, separate file for each song, clean design
Lack of options to customize, volume playback set too high for start, not default database

Remember the days of the radios with a cassette recorder. You could listen to your favorite station, pop in a blank cassette, and then record your favorite songs. Yeah, it wasn't the best and quality had a long ways to go, but at least you had your favorite songs to play whenever you want. AudioStreamer is your blank cassette for the internet radio.

Installation is simple. Once up and running, you see multiple buttons that are easy to use. The overall appearance is easy on the eyes and offers a simplicity to any starting out. There is a little bit of a problem with the set of the search feature and two buttons under the display window. The two buttons, one for local database and the other for Live365, can be easily overlooked. It would be nice for the default of local database to be set.

Saving your favorite radio station requires you to right click on the station. Having a button to assist in adding radio stations to favorites would make it easier and faster, but right clicking does not mean you have to search through commands. If you know the IP address of a radio station that you listen to that is not in their database, you can add it to your favorites.

What is nice about AudioStreamer is that you can click the Record button once and leave it. Music isn't placed into one large mp3 file, but it is separated into individual songs. This makes it easier for you set the thing to record for a period of time and then go back later and delete songs you didn't want.

It would be nice for the volume of the stations not to start out at full blast when first playing. Also there is a lack of customizing that for some people like me like to play around with to find the best setup for them. Yet, despite all of that, AudioStreamer is a great edition to my computer. I highly recommend it to others.


AudioStreamer brings the concept of the blank cassette recorder to the internet radio. It has a clear, easy to use design and gives you high quality recordings in individual files.