Flash Catcher Review

Salvation for those of the 56K world.

Submitted by CoLT on Sat, 2006-09-30 10:14.
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-Great Idea -Easy to use
-Some compatibility issues

This is an excellent program for those who have ever seen a flash item on a webpage and wanted to see it again and again later on without having to re-download it.

Being a person from the dial-up world, I understand how irritating it can be to have to wait for even the smallest flash object to load. Using Flash Catcher, I was delighted to learn that it was possible to watch my favourite flashes without the wait.

The only thing I didnt like about FlashCatcher was that it appears to only be compatible with Internet Explorer. As I use Mozilla FireFox, it was a pain not being able to do this.
It also appears to only be able to download .swf format flashes and has problems with those that are displayed using php code.


It is a great idea that has crystallised into a great program. It is easy to use, however, it is not compatible with firefox.