Pretty Good Solitaire Review

When Microsoft's Solitaire and Freecell just wasn't enough...

Submitted by Sage7 on Tue, 2008-09-16 16:50.
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The lowest price: 20.4$
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So many games to keep card game/solitaire players entertained for hours!
Not so great graphics, and a steep registration price for a solitaire set.

Most people in their spare time, bored at the office, or just left with nothing to do will probably consider opening up that game of Solitaire or Freecell to kill the time. Although it may be fun for a while, it can easily get repetitive. However, with Pretty Good Solitaire, there's enough card games to keep to entertained for a very long time! With hundreds of solo card games (so many I never heard of before!), there is always something new for you to try!

When I first opened this program, I was surprised by the loud startup music, but continued on past the registration window into the main program, where before me was a list of literally hundreds of game names. Conveniently the games can be filtered by their categories, so that helped me find any specific game I wanted. I decided to give the game Clock a try, vaguely remembering watching one of my friends play it before. Instantly the cards were dealt out and I was ready to go. However, the graphics in the game did not feel all that great (that or I'm just still used to Microsoft's card graphics). After 5 minutes of trying to figure out the game for myself, I opened up the help topics and went to the How to Play section. It was nice that the games were categorized alphabetically in the list, however the instructions for the games were not very detailed. Only about a paragraph or two is given on how to play, without any pictures given for any assistance, which made it relatively harder to understand.

Still, a great game to have when you're bored, but with the steep registration price of $24.95, it'd be best for you to only keep it for the 30 free days.


If you love cards or playing solitaire and need something new, go for it. But don't register unless if you REALLY like it.