Watermark Factory Review

Watermark ...and protect your images

Submitted by mailgeting on Sat, 2008-09-20 18:35.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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Easy, simple and perfect tool for non professional users.
You will need a little beet of practice, but you will master it very quickly.

Watermark Factory as the title says is simple and user friendly software with cool look, used for creating watermark’s on your pictures.
You can use Watermark Factory to create your own watermarks, easy and in just a few steps (rotate it, add shadow, change color, etc) Protect your copyrights or simply add comments to any picture. Also you may select from watermark templates and modifie them.

The nice thing is that you can also insert custom pictures and make them watermark, or choose a ready-made picture from the watermark library.
This useful program has beautiful and easy to use interface. You can open and process many pictures in just a moment, open pictures folder, and insert same watermarks for many pictures.

Also it is worth to say that you can use Watermark Factory as simple and fast picture editor. You can resize, flip, rotate, crop, add styles, add masks, add background color to your pictures.

After you are all done, you can save your user profile, and load it when ever you like.

You can save your creation in many different file types (jpg, gif, bmp, png...), to same or different folder from your original picture.
It is a perfect tool for non professional users.

Also is available online tutorial with full explanation for using Watermark Factory.

At the end as they say, Watermark Factory is the Swiss Army knife of watermark creation!


As you can conclude it is a perfect tool for non professional users, and worth the money you will pay.